Ross Campbell Realty Psycho Dana Ross

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Ross Campbell Realty on Lakeshore Drive in Tempe, Arizona, co-owner Dana Ross is a PSYCHO and an ugly B----!

Dana Ross is rude.Dana Ross is incompetent.

Dana Ross is Crazy. Beware and avoid Dana Ross at Ross Campbell Realty. She's supposed to help you sell your house, but she's ignorant and obnoxious. Dana Ross repels potential buyers with her PSYCHO obnoxious personality.

Dana Ross turns people off, per potential buyers complaints. Dana Ross smells bad, Dana Ross has major turn off bad breath, and body odor.

Be warned, Dana Ross chases away potential buyers.AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!

Review about: Realtor.



I just completed a transaction with Dana, I was just looking for her contact info and saw this message. She was very professional and a joy to work with.


My name is Dana Ross.I'm a real estate agent of 26+ years and have an impeccable reputation.

I always treat people in a professional and courteous manner. I have never spoken to or met anyone by the name of Martin Gaston. I agree with the one comment posted that this is grounds for defamation of character.

It is very sad that someone you don't even know could do something so

frivilous.This is a totally false report and I will contact legal counsel.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #163033

AND YOU JUST SET YOURSELF UP FOR A POSSABLE DEFAMATION SUIT!!!!!!!!!! :roll :roll :roll :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :eek :eek :x :x

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